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Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, S.A. is committed to protect the safety and privacy of those who access its website (hereinafter “Website”). Therefore, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, S.A. has created this Privacy and Cookies Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) to assert its engagement and respect towards the rules of privacy and personal data protection.

This Policy governs the processing of personal data of users of the Website (hereinafter the “User” or “Users”) which may be gathered by Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, S.A. in the context of the use of the Website.

The provision of personal data implies knowledge of this Policy, which is complemented by the  Terms of Use, available at

Who we are
The references to “Manuel Champalimaud SGPS”, “we” or “our” shall mean the corporation Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, S.A. (a Portuguese company, with registered office at Avenida Duque de Ávila, n. 79, 1000-139 Lisboa, tax payer number 507 165 004, hereinafter “Manuel Champalimaud SGPS”), the entity that determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data, as described below, identified as controller in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legislation on personal data protection.

Collection and processing of personal data
To date, access and use of this Website do not necessarily require Users to provide personal data.

User’s rights
Pursuant to applicable law, Users may request, at all times, access to their personal data as well as that such personal data is rectified or erased, that its processing is restricted or its portability – under the conditions provided for by law -, by means of a written request to Manuel Champalimaud SGPS via email address ( .

Users can also request confirmation of the personal data processed in their regard, and a copy of data being processed shall be made available, upon request. 

Pursuant to the law, Users have the right to withdraw their consent for the processing of their personal data for the abovementioned purposes through the means referred to above, but this does not, however, render invalid the processing of their personal data up until such withdrawal. 

In order to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, Users should submit a written request to the following contacts: 


Address: Avenida Duque de Ávila, n. 79, 1000-139 Lisboa, Portugal

Personal data storage
Users’ personal data shall only be stored for the period necessary  to accomplish the purposes for which the relevant personal data was collected, unless the Controller is obliged under the law to store the personal data for a different period 

When is data transferred to other entities?
Manuel Champalimaud SGPS may transfer Users’ personal data in the following cases:

    a) When relying on other entities for the provision of certain services, to the extent that such provision of services may imply access by these entities to Users’ personal data. As such, any of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS subcontracted entities will process Users’ personal data, in the name and on behalf of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, under the strict obligation to observe its instructions and in accordance with the terms of the respective subcontracting agreement;

    b) To any company in which Manuel Champalimaud SGPS holds (directly or indirectly) any participation in the share capital (hereinafter “Manuel Champalimaud Group Companies”), for the previously defined purposes;

    c) To entities with which Manuel Champalimaud Group Companies have established agreements or commercial partnerships, for the previously defined purposes;

    d) To any third entities, in cases where Manuel Champalimaud SGPS considers that such transfer is necessary or appropriate (i) under the applicable law, (ii) to ensure compliance of legal obligations/judicial orders, (iii) in line with decisions of the relevant supervisory authorities or (iv) to respond to requests issued by public or governmental authorities.

In any of these situations, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS will take all appropriate measures to ensure the effective protection of the disclosed personal data.

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS makes its best endeavors to protect Users’ personal data from unauthorized access. Security systems, rules and other procedures have been implemented, in order to ensure the protection of personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to, improper use of, disclosure, loss or destruction thereof. 

it is, however, User’s responsibility to guarantee and ensure that the equipment used to access the Website is appropriately protected against damaging software, viruses and worms.

Cookies are small text files that identify each User’s computer on the Manuel Champalimaud SGPS server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, only the computer used.

This Website uses cookies which help determine the use, interest and number of accesses to the Website, and allow for faster and more efficient browsing of the website but removing the need to repeatedly introduce the same information. Manuel Champalimaud SGPS is therefore able to provide Users with a more  customized and tailored service.

The cookies used by this Website are the following:

NameTypePurposeExpiration Time
_ga,_gidPerformanceThese cookies are associated with the use of Google Universal Analytics. They are used to distinguish users, attributing a number generated randomly to each website user. These cookies are included on each page request and are used to collect data on the users’ navigation through the website. The collected information is then processed through the Google Analytics’ platform.
_ga: 2 years
_gid: 24 hours
has_jsFuncionalityThis cookie is used to identify whether the browser has JavaScript support.When browsing ends
_gatPerformanceThis cookie is also associated with the use of Google Universal Analytics and is used to limit the volume of collected data on websites of high traffic.10 minutes

All browsers allow Users to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely through the selection of appropriate settings in each browser. Users can set up cookies in the “options” or “settings” menu of their browser. To know more about cookies, including about how cookies have been created, how to manage and delete them, Users can go to , which contains information on how to manage user settings on various browsers.

What browser am I using? To check this, open your web browser and select “Help” on the upper part of the browser window. Next select “About…” A window with information on your browser should pop up. 

Please note, however, that if a User disables cookies this may globally or partially impact their browsing of the Website. 

Links to third party websites
The links contained in this Website may lead to third parties’ websites. Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall not be liable for, approves or in any way supports or endorses the content of such websites or the websites connected to or mentioned in such websites.

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall not be liable for any damages caused by any virus affecting a User’s computer or network, or any other assets, as a result of accessing the Manuel Champalimaud SGPS website with the transfer of data from the Website to the User’s data or network. 

This privacy statement is applicable only to information collected by the Manuel Champalimaud SGPS Website. Therefore, if the User wants to know how his/her data may be processed in the context of any other website he/she has accessed through this Website, the User should consult the respective privacy policies.

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial means, Users have the  right to file a complaint with the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados) or any other competent supervisory authority in accordance with the law, should they believe that their personal data processing by Manuel Champalimaud SGPS breaches the legal framework in force at any given time.

Queries and suggestions
Users can contact Manuel Champalimaud SGPS in relation to any queries regarding the processing of their personal data and the exercise of their rights under applicable legislation and, in particular, those mentioned in this Policy, through the following contacts:

Telephone: (+351) 213 500 850


Address: Avenida Duque de Ávila, n. 79, 1000-139 Lisboa, Portugal

Changes to the privacy and cookies policy 
Manuel Champalimaud SGPS reserves the right to, at any time, change the current terms of the processing of personal data. Such amendments shall be duly disclosed on this Website.

However, whenever relevant amendments or amendments regarding cookies are made, a pop-up window will appear so that, according to the cookie in question, Users may access the information and/or consent to its use and storage.

Last updated on: 13.03.2019

Terms of Use

This Website belongs to Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, S.A., with registered office at Avenida Duque de Ávila, n. 79, 1000-139 Lisboa, Portugal, tax payer number 507 165 004, (hereinafter “Manuel Champalimaud SGPS”), and operated by Javali – Administração e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Informáticos, Lda. with registered office at Madan Parque, Rua dos Inventores, Quinta da Torre, 2825-182 Caparica, Portugal and is hosted at an infrastructure provided by Plater IT – Serviços de Informática, Lda. with registered office at Av. General Norton de Matos, 59A – R/c Fte, 1495-148 Algés, Portugal.

The use of this Website is governed by these Terms of Use.

Acceptance of the terms of use
Any person accessing or using this Website (a “User”) acknowledges that in accessing and using this Website it accepts these Terms of Use.

Terms of use updates
Manuel Champalimaud SGPS reserves the right to amend, add and/or suppress the Terms of Use at any time, with immediate effect and  without prior notice, simply by posting the new terms and conditions on the Site. Users shall from time to time review these Terms for updates.

If any User disagrees with any of the rules contained herein, the User should refrain from accessing the Website.

Access to the website
Access to the Website is not subject to registration. Manuel Champalimaud SGPS has the exclusive right to, at any time, suspend access to the Website, whether partially or entirely, especially when conducting any management, maintenance, repair, modification or updating of the Website, and to, at any time, shut down the Website, whether permanently or temporarily and whether partially or entirely, without prior notice and at its sole discretion.

Use of the website
Use of the Website is subject to compliance with the following rules:

  • Do not use the Website to send or post any content that is illegal, false, misleading, threatening, malicious, abusive, defamatory, harassing, invasive of privacy, racially, ethnically or morally offensive, harmful or detrimental to human dignity or harmful to minors, or still that may negatively affect the image of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS;
  • Do not use the Website to send or post information or content belonging to third parties and for which you do not have the right to use, such as, for example, contents protected by third party copyrights or including third party personal data;
  • Do not use the Website to post or transfer any type of material containing or that may contain viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses or any other items or computer codes, files or programs liable to interrupt, destroy or limit the features of any hardware or software or communication equipment;
  • Do not use or exploit the Website for commercial purposes or purposes that are in any way paid, including its contents, materials or features. You may not namely promote or advertise any brand, product or service by means of sales offers, sponsorship requests and prize promotions;
  • Do not remove any warning concerning copyrights, commercial brands or property rights;
  • Do not impersonate anyone or some entity, including, but not limited to, a Manuel Champalimaud SGPS corporate officer; do not guide nor receive someone as if you were the host, nor fake family ties or relationships;
  • Do not post nor transfer any unsolicited or unauthorized content as SPAM;
  • Do not collect, store, share, transfer, exploit or reproduce information on other users (including users’ names and/or email addresses) for unauthorized purposes.

In general, the User should use the Website in a responsible, cautious and careful way, so as not to disturb or degrade the continuity, integrity and quality of its features and functionality. The User acknowledges using the Website at his/her own risk, taking sole responsibility for any damage to the computer system and/or equipment or for other damages or losses, including data loss or damage, resulting from the use of materials, contents or information obtained on the Website by any means whatsoever.

Intellectual property rights
The User acknowledges that this Website, its structure and arrangement, the selection, organization and presentation of its content, including its settings and the software used, as wells as trademarks, logos and symbols presented on the Website, belong to Manuel Champalimaud SGPS (or of the companies in which Manuel Champalimaud SGPS holds, directly or indirectly, any participation, hereinafter “Manuel Champalimaud Group Companies”) or have been duly licensed in favor of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS or any Manuel Champalimaud Group Companies.

The User further acknowledges that the contents of this Website (texts, images, charts, sound and animation files and other available information) are subject to intellectual property rights and undertakes not to breach such rights.

It is up to Manuel Champalimaud SGPS to manage the design, layout and arrangement of all information, contents and materials of the Website, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS being at any time entitled to update, modify or eliminate any content, services, options or settings, as well as modify its presentation and configuration and change the respective URLs.

The User is not authorized to transfer, disclose, publish, modify, transform, copy, sell, use or distribute, in any way, the texts, images or other information in this Website or part of the Website without the prior written authorization of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS. 

Personal data
The Use of this Website does not necessarily imply the collection of personal data. However, if the User wishes to be contacted or intends to submit queries, file a complaint, send comments or suggestions, the User must provide some information, including his/her name and email. This information will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy, available on this Website.

The information made available on this Website is provided to inform Users of the activities and services provided by Manuel Champalimaud SGPS or by Manuel Champalimaud Group Companies, as well as the products they promote or sell.

Liability and guarantees
The Website was developed having in mind the best interests of our Users. However, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS cannot guarantee that this Website or any of its features will meet any specific needs and expectations the User may have.
Manuel Champalimaud SGPS also does not guarantee that:
  • The results obtained by use of the Website are correct, true, proper or reliable;
  • Any advice, recommendation or information, of any type, of the responsibility of Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, presented or made available on this Website, or obtained through its use, is up to date, accurate, complete or error free - Manuel Champalimaud SGPS does not assume any legal obligation in this regard;
  • Any material or other type of content posted by third parties on the Website is safe, legal or adequate;
  • The qualities, functionalities or characteristics of our products, services, information or other material or contents made available on this Website fulfill any User expectation.

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall not be liable for any errors which may occur due to system malfunctions or failures (whether temporary or permanent) of the Website, applications or other tools. Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall not be liable for any damages resulting from improper use, or inability to use, the Website.

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS may contain links to other websites . Such Websites do not belong to, and are not operated or controlled by Manuel Champalimaud SGPS, therefore it shall not be liable in respect of, or in any way supports or endorses the content of such Websites or websites connected to or mentioned in such websites . The insertion of links shall in no event imply the existence of relationships between Manuel Champalimaud SGPS and the owner or manager of the linked web page.

In view of the above, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall not be responsible for the legality, reliability or quality of any content provided on these websites of other entities, nor for its compliance with applicable legal rules. The use of these links is done at User’s own risk.

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Website, its continuous availability nor that it is error or fault free. 

Manuel Champalimaud SGPS shall make its best endeavors to prevent the Website from having any type of virus or other similar elements dangerous to your computer. However, since Manuel Champalimaud SGPS is unable to fully control the circulation of information through the internet, it cannot guarantee that the Website does not have viruses or other elements that may damage your computer. To guarantee the security of the Website, Manuel Champalimaud SGPS may, at any time and without prior notice, take the necessary measures to guarantee its integrity, security, continuity or quality, including restrictions or limitations of access.

Validity of these terms of use
If any part or provision of these Terms of Use is unenforceable or contrary to applicable law, the remaining parts or remaining parts or provisions of these Terms of Use shall  not be affected.

If you have any question about these Terms of Use, please send us your request for information via the email or by letter to the address Avenida Duque de Ávila, n. 79, 1000-139 Lisboa, Portugal.

Applicable law
The management, administration, use and application of the Website’s Terms of Use are  subject to Portuguese law.

Any disputes arising from these Terms of Use shall be subject to the District Court of Lisbon, any other jurisdiction being expressly waived to.